The scenario of Colleges For Women

Women’s college is a site where historical, formal and spiritual program is carried out. It is a place where the old man world is traded in exchange with professional, educational and personal enhancement that implements a truth that is hidden in the world dominated by men, showing that women has more to offer, that they are competent and leaders as well. To be precise, women’s college is a place where women realize that they have control, and it’s a lifetime website.

College women both young and old, adult students and afar, find a distinct setting on the campus of women colleges. Various studies and organizations like the Women’s Colleges Coalition document that enhances the chances of women to become leaders in their various fields.

Records from research made by Women’s College Coalition show the positive experience of enrolling in the college. Students are fully involved in and out of classes more than before. Students report great satisfaction of their experience in development, personal and academic areas. Some students can also decide to choose some male sciences courses which they tend to perform well. Student develops higher level of esteem than other females in other institutions. When women enter college, they are trained to boost their self-esteem which is different from other coed institutions.

Graduates from these colleges are like twice as graduates from coeducation institutions to bag doctorate degrees and from there to further science studies. Most of the graduates bagged their degrees and the rest are educated beyond the college level. It is also noted that students from women colleges tends to be more successful in their careers, and hold higher position to earn a living and have happier life which is quite different from other coeducation students.

The benefits of women’s colleges cannot be matched with the coeducation world. Because history has revealed that male are the role models of women from coeducation- a repeated tradition over the recent years. Most of the leaders in coeducation colleges are hold by men, classrooms are filled with men, alongside with other major positions. The coeducation classrooms are still found of fostering an atmosphere aimed at gender expectation whereby lots of assaults, sex, bias and low esteem acts are found which will definitely crush their careers and aspirations. The women’s colleges now a days don’t have any gaming activities in them too.

There are lots of high expectations, established from these women colleges encouraging students to succeed and attain their highest potential. They are dynamic educational college that makes sure that students play roles in their aspired life, and raise challenges for them so as to become whatever they want to. There are lots of many strong women that come from Women College schools. Women like Roslyn Wallace, a graduate of Brenau and was the first woman to be awarded the Scientific Award for cancer research, also Nettie Stevens, a graduate from Bryn Mawr, she was the first person to take observe the X and Y chromosomes turning to sex, and many others.

Professionally, academically, and personally, the benefits of women’s colleges are impeccable. A women’s college graduate dabbles into workforce with the boldness and esteem that will help her succeed, no matter the situations or challenges.